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In need of taxi services in or around Crete, Chania, or Heraklion?

Well, HeraklionTaxi® got you covered. We pride ourselves on exceptional and reliable services and work together with our clients to make a wholesome and satisfactory customer experience. All our drivers are trained to prioritise your comfort, safety, and convenience and are committed to giving you an excellent experience throughout your drive.

At HeraklionTaxi®, we purposely curated our fleet to include comfortable minivans, minibuses, and cars to cater to all of your needs from a comfort, convenience, and price standpoint. All our services are standardised regardless of the type of vehicle that you will opt to choose. You can be assured of having an unrivalled experience from the moment you book with us to when you arrive at your destination.

With HeraklionTaxi®, you can be assured that whether you are in Crete, Heraklion, or Chania, you will arrive at your destination safely, on time, and, most importantly, in style. Be it an airport transfer, a transfer anywhere in Crete, or Heraklion transfer, you will get to where you want on time, in class, and safely. We’ve made it our commitment to ensure that you get to where you want to be without any issues whatsoever.

At HeraklionTaxi®, we also cover private transportation for business, holiday groups, and individuals. With a large fleet of premium and comfortable vehicles, including 6-seater minivans and minibuses, we can cater for individual clients and up to 36 people per trip. All of our prices are “all-inclusive” and fixed. This is all designed and intended to guarantee your comfort and a hassle-free experience within or around Crete, Chania, or Heraklion.

Easy Booking Online

Booking with HeraklionTaxi® has never been easier. By simply using our website, complete with safe online payment, one of our drivers will be waiting for you at your preferred pickup location, complete with a board with your name. Simply log onto the website (or app), and follow the simple steps below:

  • Select your preferred option for drop off and pickup from the list of available routes. The routes available will all be listed in the booking form and carefully laid out to quickly identify your route. It is all for your convenience.
  • Once you’ve selected your destination, click “book online,” and the system will give you the all-inclusive total sum. It is at this stage that you will choose the vehicle that you prefer.
  • You will then be required to enter your data, including your mobile phone number. If it is a Crete airport transfer, you will be required to enter your flight details. Lastly, you will be required to enter your debit or credit card details, after which your booking will be processed and confirmed. You will then, immediately, receive all your details via mail.

Heraklion Transfers with no additional charges!

We do not charge extra for flight delays. For airport transfers, we usually monitor flight status well in advance. As such, you will not be charged for flight delays. However, you must provide us with your flight details upon booking for easy monitoring of the flight status

Operating Hours

We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Pricing at HeraklionTaxi® is the most competitive in the industry. You get value for your money and get unrivalled services while at it. HeraklionTaxi® is, undoubtedly, the best taxi service if you are ever in Heraklion or Crete. We also have a share a ride option for your convenience and that of your friends, and this can help keep your overall cost of travel at an all-time low.

WAV Vehicles

At HeraklionTaxi®, we understand that some of our customers might have special needs. Some could be physically challenged to utilize the ordinary vehicle types that are all so common. As such, we have the provision of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs). These are meant to make traveling easy for our customers on wheelchairs and offer comfortable rides to their preferred destination. HeraklionTaxi® does not discriminate based on physical ability or any other determining factor. We are always committed to treating our customers for the incredible people they are.

Data Privacy

You can be rest assured that at HeraklionTaxi®, all of your data is safe with us. All the information you enter on our website, from your name to your flight details or your payment details, is encrypted and safely stored. As such, your data will not be accessed by any unauthorised persons, and, more importantly, your data is never shared with any third party.

Corporate Transfers

At HeraklionTaxi®, we also accommodate our corporate clients. Our rates are the best in the market. Our packages are specifically designed with your company and your employees in mind.

We always aim to provide excellent services at all times. As our customer, you can expect something special every time you choose to use HeraklionTaxi®. Your uniformed, well-trained, and well-mannered driver will not only greet you but also open and close the car doors for you. Throughout your drive, he or she will be there to ensure that you enjoy the trip, be it long or short, and that you arrive at your desired destination safely. All our drivers are always willing to go the extra mile for your comfort and satisfaction. The driver will also handle your luggage, which means hassle-free transportation services every time you use HeraklionTaxi®. 

Book Now!

So, give HeraklionTaxi® a shot today. If you plan on coming to Crete, in need of Crete airport transfers or simply Crete transfers, HeraklionTaxi® has got you covered. It would be our joy to serve you, and it would be a pleasure seeing you use HeraklionTaxi® again in the future. Simply click on the “book now” section of the page, and enter all the relevant details, and our driver will be waiting for you at your desired location.

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